15. February 2021

myVStats Cup #2

The winners of the myVStats Cup #1

1. place: Max Mustermann

2. place: Max Musterman

3. place: Max Mustermann

In the myVStats online tournament, the latest EA Sports game in the FIFA area is played on the PlayStation 4/5.

The tournament is not affiliated with EA or one of its licensors.



  • Playstation 4/5 FIFA FUT TEAM
  • Prizes worth 50 euros
  • Tournament mode: K.O. mode


(1) Conditions of participation

Participation in the myVStats Cup requires successful registration by email to cups@myvstats.com.
Successful participation is given when the name and the PSN fee have been sent to the above email. Multiple registration of a player is a general rule. The organizer of the myVStats-Cup reserves the right to limit the number of participants and to exclude participants from the further course of the tournament in the event of rule violations (especially fraud and unsporting behavior).


(2) Rules of the game Game


  • Playstation 4/5 EA FIFA FUT team
  • Friendly game season
  • No loan players or training cards (in the event of a rule violation, the game will be rated 3-0 for the opponent - photo is required as evidence)


(2.1) Game mode:

The tournament will be played in a knockout system, where extra time and a penalty shoot-out are possible. There is no second leg here either.


(2.2) Course of the games:

myVStats opens a Discord server with all players involved. The chat group is used to exchange the PSN Online ID and the exact time of the game can be determined. myVStats publishes a deadline until the game has to be played. If the deadline is not met without prior notice to the tournament organizer, the tournament organizer will decide how to proceed. As a rule, the game is rated 3-0 for the opponent. If the game is aborted due to a connection error, the players are obliged to report directly to the tournament organizer including a screenshot of the game status. The rest of the game time is played to the end in another game. The score must be restored by own goals. Any red cards that arise must be generated through deliberate foul play. The missing game time will be played to the end from the time it was canceled by waiting beforehand.


(2.3) Communication of the results:

The game result must be communicated in the chat group created by the tournament organizer. A photo of the result including the players' PSN IDs serves as evidence.


  1. place: 25€ PSN Voucher
  2. place: 15€ PSN Voucher
  3. place: 10€ PSN Voucher


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