Earn money as a FIFA e-athlete -
How is that possible?

6 ways to earn money as an eSportsman

Gambling has now established itself in our society. The video game industry and its products have become an integral part of many people’s lives these days. The popularity is increasing. If you are one of the best in your game, you can turn your hobby into a profession and possibly earn a lot of money with it.

Games like League of Legends, Minecraft, Counterstrike, Dota etc. are among the best known and most successful games and have had a permanent place in the esports scene for years. With spectacular events, these games show every season how popular they are. This is also evident not least from the unimaginably high prize money. So it can no longer be denied that a new branch with some facets has developed.

Many children, adolescents and adults have therefore wanted to turn gambling into a profession. In the past, every second child still dreamed of becoming a professional athlete, but today you can also fulfill your dream of being a professional on the “virtual” court. Sports simulations are by far not as popular as classic strategy and role-playing games, but have recently become more and more important and interesting. A perfect example of this is Fifa, a football simulation from Electronic Arts. This game, which is of course particularly popular with those interested in football, has established itself in eSports in recent years and has now become a constant there.

But how is it even possible to make money with a game like Fifa and how do you manage to make a respectable name for yourself in the scene? In the following, I’ll give you a few tips on how you can best draw attention to yourself in the Fifa community and then earn money with a little luck. (A few “basic skills” and talent are of course a prerequisite.)

1. Become part of an organization / association

Probably the most obvious way is to play yourself in the focus of various organizations or clubs through extraordinary achievements. These have a so-called scouting network (comparable to soccer teams) and are constantly on the lookout for new talent. If you finally managed to become part of a team, in most cases you will receive a contract and associated monthly remuneration. However, certain requirements are then placed on you and a certain level of performance is expected, otherwise your contract will quickly become a thing of the past.

2. Agency

In addition to the clubs / organizations, there are also various agencies. In the meantime, many companies have also specialized in eSports and are taking ambitious young people under their feet. They take on the advice, management, planning, design and implementation of your ideas and help you on the way to earning your own money through eSports. When you join the agency, a supportive and professional environment is created that can convey and promote you.


3. Streaming

With eSport the activity of streaming has become more and more established. In my opinion, one of the most important factors on the way to becoming a successful eSportsman is a regular streaming schedule. Casual gamers, entertainers, but also professionals, show their gameplay and talent every day on various streaming platforms. Every game, but also every streamer, has its own community. Hence, it is imperative to stream regularly and be active. In doing so, you not only build your own community, but at the same time make a name for yourself and significantly increase your reputation, which increases the attention and interest of sponsors etc. In addition, there is also the opportunity to earn money with the streams yourself, be it through donations, subscriptions to your channel, etc.

4. Social media presence

In the course of an increasing reputation, it is also of enormous importance to actively use your social media accounts in order to always stay in contact with your community and to be able to exchange ideas about things away from the square. This gives your followers a feeling of community and doesn’t seem so “unreachable” for the audience. Another advantage is that you can announce your streams or certain tournaments / events in which you will participate on social media and thus generate more viewers.


5. Sponsors

If your performance and your reputation are at an appropriate and advanced level, sooner or later sponsors will approach you. They give you a certain amount or make a certain amount available for events and in return expect you to advertise them or mark them in your streams / videos. This way, your community will become aware of your sponsor and he will benefit from your reach. A classic win-win situation.


6. tournament

Participation in tournaments sounds very obvious, but is not used sufficiently by many, but in my opinion it is a great opportunity a) to increase its profile and b) to make money. In addition to the official tournaments offered by EA, there are also unofficial tournaments, which are usually organized by streamers or eSporters themselves and take place regularly. These take place on a small scale and in most cases have a relaxed atmosphere. This is a great opportunity to get to know other eSportspeople, to chat with them in a relaxed manner and to experience games at a high level. In addition, you can earn a little pocket money while playing.

To look behind the scenes

The areas around eSports go much further than just “dull gameplay”. In the background, countless people pull the strings and ensure that the industry continues to grow and become even better known. Be it content creators, coaches, analysts, commentators or managers. eSport offers many more possibilities than “pure gaming”. If you are interested in these things in addition to your ambitions to become a professional, do not hesitate to gain a foothold there as well. It never hurts to acquire a wide range of knowledge if you want to assert yourself in this industry.


Mental strength is of vital importance everywhere, including esports. If you are constantly upset, you will never play to 100% and you will not be able to concentrate properly. It is therefore important to approach your games calmly and to keep a cool head. You can then analyze possible weak points at any time and reflect on your mistakes. If you are busy in the game, you lose your focus and in most cases end up losing out and falling into a more intense rage. Very important from personal experience: NEVER start the next match immediately after a defeat, you will regret it! Better to take a little break first, have a drink and get other thoughts.


As always and everywhere in life, nothing is given to you. In most cases you have to work it out yourself and take the initiative yourself. Even the most gifted person will not be able to fully exploit his talent without training and without practice or he will become better out of nothing.

Therefore, it is also said in eSports that if you do not work on yourself regularly, you will inevitably be overtaken by the competition and ultimately get nothing.

eSports is a fast moving business. Above all, Fifa, which comes around the corner every year with a new title and several patches, lets you play like a young god in one phase and suddenly nothing works anymore. So be patient, work on yourself and don’t lose sight of your goal.

Ok and now it’s your turn! Do you think you have what it takes to become an eSportsman? You are welcome to register for our player pool. We inform you about team searches and tournaments.

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